PDX Dungeons

In the Cloud Temple

Dragon and behir attack us on ledge, door is trapped with multiple dragon heads breathing on us. Bad news. Ismelda manages to knock door open. The party escapes inside to a long corridor with stairs and a door on the far end. Ed opens the door, revealing a room with undead wyverns. Of course. Undead wyverns. Druid casts thorns in the hall, Mage casts cloudkill. The party fights off the wyverns, the dragons are repelled by the cloudkill.

The party escapes through the eastern door and into a long corridor.

A dragon appears and shoots lightning into the corridor. This is bad. Several party members almost die outright. The rogue does die outright. Next comes the behir down the same corridor. This disables John as he attempts to save Templeton. Early in the first inning and the score is: bad guys 2, heroes nil.

The party turns north, and runs down another long corridor, opening doors and looking to escape. Ed runs ahead, and peeks around where the corridor turns back to the West. And is caught by a fireball, launched by the waiting dragon. The party is trapped like a fox in a hollow log. And here comes the behir again, into the log.

The behir runs up and swallows Cardagh who has just been healed from death’s door, then runs off like a bitch, back towards the room where the party faced the undead wyverns, and where the blue dragon now waits, but not before taking some serious damage. John pursues, but is now near death again, and faces both a wounded behir and the blue dragon. Ed charges the dragon, but his blows are deflected. On the bright side, John and Cardagh (fighting the beast like Jonah from its belly) have killed the behir, but it’s no use; the only avenue is to escape. The dragon is too powerful.

In the meantime, things have gotten worse for the party members still in the long corridor: through one of the doors opened while searching for an exit, enters into the corridor several monks. Or clerics. Or something.

Ismelda is undaunted. “I got this,” she declares, casting dominate on the head cleric, who immediately rolls a natural 20 and resists. This is also bad. More clerics, some invisible, attack those left in the corridor.

John, Cardagh, and Ed manage all to retreat from the blue dragon. Mostly. Except John dies again. (Bad). Goldy’s turn with the resurrection staff now, and she runs out and revives John. Again. For those keeping score, bad guys 4, party 1. But the heavy lifting is done now, the behir is dead, and although the evil clerics fight on, the result is no longer in question: the heroes win the day to hide in a secret passage and lick their wounds.


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