PDX Dungeons

In the stone lion

Some choppy notes from our encounter with the lich:

Go into a giant stone lion in the middle of the Thornwaste, with the philactory to trade with the lich.

We find a secret door, follow through a passage, get attacked by ghost lions, Ed loses 6 strength. Follow stairs up to lions mouth, kill some monks. One tries to escape. Cardagh gets an aoo on it.

Room full of hobgoblins, Esmelda fires empowered fireball, kills most.

Then there’s a room with some bone vampires in it and some weird trap things and a lion in some slime that’s being ghostified.

Then the encounter with the lich. Some had the idea that we might fight it.


We give e philactory to the lich, who lets us go.


GDorn warmgray9

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