PDX Dungeons

The Big Stone Lion

The party travelled through Thornwaste, encountering a chimera at night.

The next day, they randomly encountered 3 basalisks, then found a giant stone lion statue. Ismelda used arcane eye. Dark passages in the interior, and a balcony in the mouth, with a coiled rope ladder. Many ghost lions flying around. Darkness in entrance of lion. Soggy puts in a lit mace, gets eaten and then constricted by a behir-esque monster. We fight it, it runs off. Cardagh turns into an eagle and pursues.

We find a secret door, follow through a passage, get attacked by ghost lions, Ed loses 6 strength. Follow stairs up to lions mouth, kill some monks. One tries to escape. Cardagh gets an attack of opportunity on it, killing it.

We camp out in the interior, replenishing spells. After a time, we head downstairs, to find a bloody hole in the ground. Naturally, we go down it. Beelow are a set of passages, one we follow to an eerie well, filled with some liquid, and glowing a pestulent yellow. Of course the magic user goes in first, and we’re all attacked by crazy undead bone-vampires. We kill them, after the magic-user is almost dispatched herself, Ed bull-rushing and overrunning several opponents.

Eventually, we meet with the big lich. We give him e philactory, and he allows us to leave, and leaves e service of Tiamat.


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