PDX Dungeons

The road to Cloud Temple

We take back Drelin’s Ferry. At one point Templeton fireballs a dude, then chucks in a horse from her bag of tricks. It is not that dude’s day.

Marching through the mountains in search of the temple. We avoid many encounters thanks to Cardagh. Encounter a patrol of hobgoblins and ogre. Soggy attempts to talk with them, but they attack. We web them and attack. Cardagh, in eagle form, casts swarm.

We capture a bugbear and dominate him. He tells us:

Multiple dragons. Red, and blue dragon and behir. Blue is usually home.
Upper levels: bone devil and demon or devils.
Also dudes that look like dragons. Half dragons?
West side: chamber where you don’t come out. Horrible skeleton thing.
Someone goes into front door and chants and then you’re let in. Chant has name Tiamat.
East side of complex. Most hobgoblins live there.
Place is nearly empty. Kinda? Eastern wing is mostly empty.


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