A large walled town south of the marshes of Rhest with many shops and 3 main inns. Ruled by Lord Jarmoth. An active underground or theives’ Guild.


Thirsty zombie. Rumors of army coming to town. Local army will save them.

Craven raven. Big mansion nearby. High class tavern. We’re refused at the door.

Stone Wyvern. Big Wyvern in middle of room. Inn built around site. Owned by gnome. Yaboling. Run by Trabolargiab. Rumors.

1. City Gates
2. The Stone Wyvern (Inn)
3. Axenhaft Security (Guard Service)
4. Shank’s Shivs
5. Brindol Market
6. The Thirsty Zombie
7. Red Magic and Sundries (Magic Shop)
8. Shrine of Yondalla
9. The Craven Raven
10. Velorian’s
11. Brindol Academy
12. The Laughing Manticore (Tavern)
13. Kaal Manor (Noble Estate)
14. Teskerwill Manor
15. Discreet Departures
16. Cathedral Square
17. Cathedral of Pelor
18. Brindol Keep
19. Haskinar Mansion (Noble Estate)
20. Brindol Cemetery
21. Temple of Wee Jas


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