Encountered at the battle of Drellin’s Ferry. Not much is yet known of these enemies, but that they may be servants of Tiamat, and they operate as a “hand,” and that they command a large horde of hobgoblins, bugbears, and ogres. There are five Wyrmlords:


Had a keep in the Witchwood. The party encountered him on xxxxxx. He established the hold on Skull Gorge, via Azurerandion, which the party broke. Was he that spellcaster dude?

Sarvin, a ranger, location unknow.

Ulwye Stormcaller, a bard, location unknown

Hravic Karn, Talon of Tiamat, commands horde

Azarkul, the High Wyrmlord, rules the thumb. Has a temple in the mountains


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